Fish passes

Passe à poissons

Hydrostadium and its ingenieurs worked on all the projects that are presented hereafter.

The pass consisting of successive basins

Passe à poissons

The successive basin pass is a very old principle which means that we have a lot of feed-back.

The principle of this pass is the division of the difference in height by the installation of successive basins in a row. The dimensioning of each basin depends on the requested energy dissipation related to the specimen of the migrating fish. One of the advantages of this type of fish pass is the high flexibility regarding the upstream and downstream water level.


Lifts for fish

Ascenseur à poissons

Migrating fish can get over high dams thanks to these lifts for fish. One of the main difficulties in the concept of the fish lifts is the fact that the fish must be «captured» in a cage.


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