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Mobile obstacles® are polyethylene barriers disposed vertically in the artificial river bed. This furniture is maintained in the ground by a slab in concrete. This slab is pierced with 32 holes all over its surface in order to receive obstacles at any point. It is located on the river bed invert and is movable with a machine. The conception of the slab allows the evacuation of alluvial deposits and avoid the block up of the course.

Mobile obstacles® allow modularing river movements otherwise than by flow variations and without special tools. Their different length, positions, forms, or numbers allow to create whatever obstacle you wish. Their easiness of transfer permits to modify the river configuration by only one person. Thus, it is possible to switch from a leisure river to a high level competition river in less than 30 minutes.




This EDF patented OMNIFLOTS offer a large safety thanks to their round form and their composition, contrary to rocks. Moreover, this invention makes it possible to remove all the obstacles after use which could be interesting during the flood season.

At the environment level, mobile obstacles don’t disturb aquatic environment. It is possible to create water movements in a way to let fish go upstream the white water course. Moreover, during the low water season, mobile obstacles allow to draw closer the flow to obtain a water level that is deep enough for the practice of canoe kayak and for fish migration

A second generation of mobile obstacles® has just been born. More attractive, the mobile obstacles of this new generation have been conceived in order to be easier to handle. Thus, mobile obstacles have been lightened and re-designed. The bank obstacle is the principal result of this new design.


First generation
Second generation
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