Physical model for whitewater tests


Hydrostadium has within its premises, a facility for physical models. These models allow testing different configurations of hydraulic flows in addition to or instead of mathematical modeling.

The facility is composed of a lower water tank. Its pumped water is used to supply a flow divider configured as needed. This divider directly feeds the physical model serving as a head pond at the same time.

For whitewater facilities particular cases have been tested on this equipment allowing to complete different designs of water movements, to provide corrective adjustment to being studied works. Improvements or alterations/modifications of existing structures could be tested in order to take into account a change in the use.



The operators of the Whitewater Stadium wanted to be able to use the course at a flow lower than that used at the Olympics. Thus, the different drops tested with the corrective works.


The end of the Olympic course was modeled in order to define what should be the minimum water level in the arrival basin and to take into account of its fluctuation.


This Whitewater Course has the special characteristic to be supplied by a small reservoir that can be isolated from Cardiff Bay. A wooden jetty / pier, symbol of the history of this place, was preserved and rehabilitated in the middle of the reception basin. It could complicate the navigation of rafts. At the same time the curved reception area could present a risk of sharp bend of the boats. Physical model has allowed proposing corrective adjustments. The model also allowed configuring submerged structures in the basin in order to facilitate the return of the boats towards the entrance of the conveyor belt.


Our concept of static surf wave has been validated scale 1/10 on the model. We have thus obtained the confirmation of the quality of the wave.


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