International patents

Brevets Hydrostadium

  • 1991: Method and system for the creation of an aquatic course with white water.
  • 2002: The fixing principle of the mobile obstacles which is very flexible for the users.
  • 2002: A complex of several aquatic courses having links between the different parts.
  • 2006: An artificial surf wave that’s very similar to a natural wave which can be created in a deep basin.
  • 2007: A white water river on a barge.
  • 2007: A fixing system of mobile obstacles that can be inserted in the concrete. It is in the spirit of sustained development that this system has been conceived as it is very flexible and thus the concrete plates on which the obstacles will be fixed can get various formes. Thanks to this new fixing system the concrete plates are no longer pre-fabricated in a factory.
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