The Community of Municipalities of South Corrézien wished to promote the development of whitewater sports while balancing other activities around the river Dordogne. So it was decided to develop the channel Bourrier, one of the threearms of the Dordogne, situated near the center of Beaulieu.

On the one hand, the course allows a touristic and recreational use of the equipment. On the other hand, it allows to practice canoeing with the opportunity to organize county and  even regional competitions of slalom or downhill.

For this, the channel Bourrier has been furnished with spikes and blocks riprap that promote the functionality of the course. Safety of the practice of white water sports has improved due to shoreline development and piers. This arrangement also involved inanti-erosion channel.





Characteristics of the Beaulieu white water course

Water supply Valve upstream
Flow rate From 3 to 18 m³/s
Length 900 m
Width From 10 to 15 m
Drop 3 m
Difficulty I to II
  • Cost: 350 000 euros
  • Client: Communauté de Communes du Sud
  • Work done by Hydrostadium: Construction follow-up
  • Opening: 10 September 2008
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