Salubriousness and aestheticism were the main reasons for the City of Sarrebourg to modify the river bed of the Sarre River at the place where it runs across the city center. Based on the advice given by EDF, two smaller river beds have been created, that is to say a white water course and a channel parallel to the course in which canoes and kayaks can go upstream. Moreover, a canoe-pass has been integrated into the project. At the site called “Moulin Hoff” a small peninsula has been created to avoid stagnating water. The work has been finished during the winter of 1997.


The city center before the workSarrebourg
The city center after the workSarrebourg




Moulin Hoff before the modificationSarrebourg
Moulin Hoff after the modificationSarrebourg

Characteristics of the Sarrebourg white water course

Water supply By gravity
Flow rate 2.5 to 17m³/s
Length 100 m
Width 8 m
Drop 1 %
Difficulty II


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