Saut de Sabo

With its last natural dam in the Tarn before the sea, Saut de Sabo is a symbol for the region… In 1990, EDF wanted to group together all the small electric power stations in order to create only one more profitable one.

The fitting out of the tailrace canal of the new factory, located in a steep gorge of the Tarn, allowed to continue the practice of canoe and kayak and, at the same time, to meet with the hydraulic contraints regarding the energy production.

Before the modification, the course of Saut de Sabo was only reserved to international athletes (70 m³/s). Now, novices can navigate on the river without any problem with a flow of 8 m³/s. During international competitions, the flow can be increased to 70 m³/s, so, the river is adapted to all levels.


Saut de Sabo
Saut de Sabo


Saut de Sabo
Saut de Sabo

Characteristics of the Sabo white water course

Water supply By gravity
Flow rate 8 to 70 m³/s
Length 600 m
Width 25 to 35 m
Drop 2 m
Difficulty II to V
  • Cost of the installation: 305,000 euros approximately.
  • Client: Valley of the Tarn River
  • Work done by EDF: Studies of water streams for canoeing and kayaking, Summary pre-project, Tender file, Construction follow-up
  • Opening date: April 1990
  • Main events: International Elite Course in 1990, French Cup in 1991 and Regional Selections in 1992


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