White water stadium

Stades d'eau vive - Gravitaire

Gravity system

White water stadiums can have different water supply systems. The easiest is gravity as, in this case, the river supplies water to the white water stadium. A gate can be installed upstream the course in order to regulate the river flow.


Stades d'eau vive - pompage

Pumping system

In this case (pumping system), a pumping station supplies the white water stadium This permit to bring up water from the arrival to the departure. Flows of this type of white water stadiums are adjustables easily.


Stades d'eau vive - Mixte

Mixted system

Sometimes, it can occure that natural gravity water supply is not enougth to operate the white water stadium. In this case, we add an other type of water supply, a pumping station in order to fill this lacke of water.


Stades d'eau vive - Marée

Tide system

It is possible to use the tide to create a white water stadium. The principle consists in stocking water during the rising tide and to return this water during the low tide. Thus, the functionning of the white water stadium is continuous.

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