The white water stadium of Cergy Neuville aims at offering a general public leisure activities in the spirit of developing open-air sports in an urban area.

At that time, for the first time in France and the second in the world, a stadium is provided only by a pumping station equipped with 4 pumps and uses the mobile obstacles system. A boat conveyor for all types of boats (rafts, canoes,…) links the finishing area and the starting area and ensures a large confort for all users.

Based near the town of Cergy Pontoise, this stadium completed the equipment of the out-door leisure site (water ski, sailing…).

A pumping station of 4 pumps having each a capacity of 4 m³/s fills the river. Thanks to the mobile obstacle system, patented by EDF, the navigation level of the course can be adapted to users of all levels that is to say to beginners as well as to Olympic athletes. During the centenarian flood of the Oise River the course can be submerged without any problems.





Characteristics of the Cergy white water stadium

Water supply Pumping station
Flow rate 4 to 16 m³/s
Length 250 m
Width 8 to 14 m
Drop 3.5 to 4.9 m
Difficulty II to III
  • Cost of the installation: 2 927 000 euros
  • Work done by EDF: Scheme, pre-project and project phase, Tender file, Assistance during the tender, Construction, Execution file, Construction follow-up and verification of the executed work, File with the realized work.
  • Opening date: September 2000


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