The white water stadium of Cesson-Sévigné, located in the middle of the town, has managed its integration in urban surroundings and is respectful of the environment.

For the part of the stadium located in the flood evacuation branch, it uses the natural flow of the Vilaine river. The Cesson Sévigné white water course is a leisure and sports facility. It is composed of a section installed in the floodway branch of which the flow rate is controlled by a vane, and of a section excavated in the island entirely supplied by a pumping station. It uses the natural flow of the Vilaine river for the section located in the floodway. In addition, the pumping station is used to extend the white water course and ensure its use during low water periods. It can deliver a maximum of 6 m³/sec and makes it possible to increase the basic height created by the mobile dam and the fixed weir.

To assure the use of the river during low flood and to lengthen the white water course, a pumping station has been installed. An automate operates the installation and the three weirs of the mobile dam. These installations needed before a human intervention. Equipped with mobile obstacles, this stadium can be adapted to all levels, from beginners to high levels athletes. The athletes of Rennes use the stadium daily.





Characteristics of the Cesson-Sévigné white water stadium

Water supply By gravity + Pumping station
Flow rate 3 to 12 m³/s
Length 130 m with the gravity
300 m with pumping station
Width 10 m
Drop From 1.53 m to 2.20 m
Difficulty II
  • Cost of installation: 1 037 000 euros
  • Client: Town of Cesson-Sévigné
  • EDF Service: Feasibility study, Pre-Project, Project, Tender documents, Works Contract Assistance, Project Owner assistance during the works
  • Works control: DDE Rennes
  • Opening date: June 1999


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