The Whitewater Course of Diekirch is a bypass river running from the diversion of the natural flow of the Sure River. It allows the recovery of the free fish migration between the downstream and upstream of the inflatable dam.

The whitewater course with a length of 160 meters is designed for leisure and tourism activities on the one hand, and for the practice of the canoe-kayak activity with the possibility of organizing competitions of regional or national level on the other hand. The river is suitable for all whitewater activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting, hot dogs, whitewater swimming, etc.

The Sure River upstream of this whitewater course will be used as an initiation and warm-up area for the users of the facility. The immediate downstream zone will be the resting area with a landing stage to walk back to the starting point. The course is located on the right bank of the Sure River.

stade d'eau vive - Autriche - DIEKIRCH

Mobile obstacles Omniflots (EDF patent)

Thanks to the mobile obstacles Omniflots system (EDF patent), this course is easily adaptable for paddlers of any level. This whitewater course can be overflowed during the floods of the Sure River and can support very low temperature.

The Whitewater Course of Diekirch was commissioned in April 2016.

stade d'eau vive - Autriche - DIEKIRCH


Characteristics of the Diekirch white water course

Water supply By gravity
Rated flow 5 to 12 m³/s
Length 160 m
Width at base 6 to 10 m
Vertical drop 1,4 m
Navigating difficulty II
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