This white water, situated in the town center of Lannion, is modular thanks to the patented mobile obstacles. A mobile dam at the beginning of the course allows to stock water during the rising tide and to release this reserve during the ebb tide.

The town of Lannion organizes initiation sessions for beginners, international races and also discovery excursions for school children.

The use of the tide is possible thanks to two gates commanded by a programmed automaton which is a technical innovation. A mobile dam had to be built, in order to store the water. Thus, every flood, the gates are open and migrating fish can pass. Once the gates closed the water is stored. One gate regulates the natural flow and the other one the white water course.





Characteristics of the Lannion white water stadium

Water supply Gravity and Tide
Flow rate 4 to 15 m³/s
Length 300 m
Width 12 m
Drop 2.7 m
Difficulty II to IV
  • Cost of the installation: 1,524,000 euros approximately
  • Client: Town of Lannion
  • Work done by EDF: Summary pre-project, Tender file, Assistance by the choice of the construction company, Assistance to the client
  • Opening date: September 1992
  • Main events: International Elite Cup and National Selection in 1993 à 2000, Eurolympic Games in 1997, French Championship white water swimming in 1999


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