The town of Nancy decided to transform the site of the former slaughter houses and the mills into a landscape park.

In the heart of this park of 3.5 hectares, a white water stadium has been built in the spillway channel of the Meurthe River. A permanent lake pond and new offices destined to local canoe kayak clubs have been included in the project.

The white water stadium has also a social aim as everybody can benefit from a torrent in the town center. The width of the river varies in between 8 and 24 meters. Two gates have been installed upstream the discharge branch. The white water river consists of three basins providing various levels of difficulty that don’t prevent the discharge branche to evacuate the flood. The flow rate of the white water stadium regulated by a third gate varies in between 3 and 12 m³/s.





Characteristics of the Nancy white water stadium

Water supply By gravity
Flow rate 6 to 20 m³/s
Length 330 m
Width 8 to 24 m
Drop 4.5 m
Difficulty level II to IV
  • Cost of the installation: 1,070,000 euros
  • Client: District of urban area of Nancy
  • Work done by EDF: Summary pre-project and pre-project studies, and Assistance to the client
  • Opening date: October 1997


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