The RiverBox®

Hydrostadium has created an R & D program to develop a new concept of an artificial river called the RiverBox®.

Riviere artificielle Riverbox par Hydrostadium

It is about achieving a river built from transportable modules arranged on scaffolding,
all within a watertight basin. It’s easy to vary the slope from one facility to another. Thus the navigation difficulties are scalable and can move from a white water discovery course to Olympic events.


3 technical features

  • A 250m whitewater course can be installed on an area smaller than a football field.
  • The volume of water required is equivalent to one and a half times the water volume of an Olympic swimming pool.
  • The energy power necessary for the pumping station is similar to the one needed by a chairlift.


Designed for events like the Olympic Games

This RiverBox® was designed for events like the Olympic Games.

RiverBox - riviere artificielle
Obstacles mobiles Riverbox par Hydrostadium
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