Surfing wave in a natural environment: WaveBoat®

WaveBoat® offers the same modularity and energy efficiency as the fixed version, wavestadium®, but in this configuration, the surfing wave is placed in a floating structure. The artificial surfing pool required for wavestadium® (a swimming pool) is replaced by any other body of water : a lake, pond, river, etc. The wave structure is positioned between two floats, which are comparable to a catamaran. WaveBoat® is therefore easy to relocate. The minimum depth of water required is 3,50 m.

The wave, contained between two floats, does not disturb the ecological balance of the body of water in any way. In fact, the wave has a positive impact as it oxygenates the water. Any kind of body of water can therefore be turned into a surfing hotspot that respects the environment and can be accessed by anyone.

There are three basic WaveBoat® widths: 8 m, 10 m and 12 m, but any other width can be studied.

WaveBoat® comprises precast units that are easy to transport and standardized containers. WaveBoat® is assembled on site before being placed in the water. A substation located on the banks of the body of water provides power.

The advantages of our surfing wave, WaveBoat®:

  • The sensations and boards are identical to natural surfing conditions, Quality and modularity of the surfing wave,
  • Easy to install; no significant construction work is required,
  • Risk-free activity, open-water surfing wave, controlled flow speed, flexible materials,
  • Operating cost : low energy consumption and little maintenance,
  • Easy to operate : start-up and stop without any constraints and immediate,
  • Operates in an open loop on the body of water; no water is treated,
  • Footprint = 14 m in length x 14 m in width ≈ 200 m2 for a 10m-wide WaveBoat®,
  • Capacity : maximum of 15 people.