Surfing wave in a swimming pool: wavestadium®

Wavestadium® is the swimming-pool application of the surfing wave developed by Hydrostadium. The basic version, whose wave is 10 m in width, corresponds to a structure that is 19 m in length and 14 m in width. The small surface area required by the structure, around 270 m2, means that it can be installed indoors. Water circulates in a closed loop in the wavestadium® pool that contains around 480 m3 of water (¼ of an Olympic pool).

The width of the wavestadium® surfing area may be specified in accordance with the client’s requirements: each pump corresponds to a predefined width. The pumps are submerged under the pool to avoid noise pollution; incidentally, the submerged pumps also help to heat the water, which is a positive factor. There are three basic wavestadium® widths: 8 m, 10 m and 12 m, but any other width can be studied.

The advantages of the wavestadium® surfing wave :

  • The sensations and boards are identical to natural surfing conditions, Quality and modularity of the surfing wave,
  • Risk-free activity, open-water surfing wave, controlled flow speed, flexible materials,
  • Operating cost : low energy consumption and little maintenance,
  • Easy to operate : start-up and stop without any constraints and immediate,
  • Small footprint = 19 m in length x 14 m in width ≈ 270 m2 for a 10m-wide wavestadium®, including the equipment room,
  • Water is heated as it passes through the pumps,
  • Water is filtered and treated in accordance with swimming pool regulations,
  • Capacity : maximum of 15 people.

Wavestadium® can either be built as a permanent structure in a pool as a civil engineering project or as a demountable metal structure for temporary installations and/or events. In this case, wavestadium® comprises precast units that are easy to transport and standardized containers.