HYDROMAQ: a hydraulic platform

A hydraulic physical model: multiple and changeable capacities...

Hydrostadium's hydraulic platform, HYDROMAQ, offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of layout, supply method, flow rate, pressure and measurement techniques. The modularity of our hydraulic platform is the hallmark of a hydraulic physical model that increasingly reflects the conditions found on the ground.

Whether the water supply is under pressure or free flow surface in nature, or flows in an open circuit or in a closed loop, the hydraulic platform can be adapted to different hydraulic conditions required for different types of scale model.

Nominal flow rate capacity can reach 130 l/sec thanks to the presence of six pumps that ensure the accurate control of the water-supply flow rates of the hydraulic physical models. If necessary, a higher water-supply flow rate can be implemented.

The measurement and recording tools available allow the models’ characteristic variables to be monitored; they can also be changed in accordance with the needs and specific characteristics of each model.

The main hydraulic platform is 2,5 metres in width and 7 metres in length and can be extended, if necessary. The scales currently applied range from 1:1 to 1:100.

...for all types of scale model.

The construction of scale models varies in accordance with the site and the structure: from simple geometry to complex natural topography, conventional methods and materials can be complemented with or replaced by tailor-made composite parts or even a highly accurate 3D printout.

The hydraulic scale model production process benefits from in-house digital tools (HEC-RAS, FLUENT, etc.) and the support of specialist engineers who make up Hydrostadium’s business-line team.

The usability of the hydraulic platform and the human size of the hydraulic scale models built by Hydrostadium are major advantages for the modelling of the hydraulic phenomena to be envisaged, the search for solutions and the development of new products and designs.