R & D

R&D: a priority at Hydrostadium

Expertise at the service of...

R&D is one of the basic components of Hydrostadium's activities and has been so since the company was established. As the company's historical activity concerned whitewater, Hydrostadium has stood out in this area thanks to its R&D.

Hydrostadium has been able to monetize the results of its R&D work by filing a number of patents in the area of whitewater.


Today, R&D activities continue and form part of the global ‘Knowledge Management’ policy implemented by Hydrostadium. This policy is based on four principles: the capitalisation of knowledge, the sharing of knowledge, supporting engineering by providing the reference system (technical, process, etc.), and the development of new products or knowledge. It is within this last area that R&D sits most comfortably thanks to two distinct programmes:

  • R&D at the service of product modification and development,
  • R&D at the service of hydro-electric engineering to solve specific problems, both through the creation of physical models and the internal development of innovative methods.

Consequently, R&D is considered to be a resource that is of service to Hydrostadium’s internal projects and its clients’ projects.

Tools and production equipment

Hydrostadium is able to mobilise different occupations and equipment for its R&D needs: engineers, contacts, experts, and modelling and simulation software programs. It also has a platform on which it builds small-scale hydraulic models (physical scale models). Finally, R&D benefits from technical and regulatory monitoring conducted for the company's other activities.