What is a whitewater sport ?

Water, abundant in mountainous regions, is used to create invigorating and pleasurable leisure facilities. There are many different whitewater activities. These activities, which can be done regardless of the participant's age and abilities, are both original and active: canoeing, kayaking and rafting, among others, let whitewater enthusiasts hurtle down torrents and rivers and discover the delights of spending time out on the water. All of these activities, offered at a very large number of tourist resorts by professionals and specialist clubs, thrill those who try them.

But what if there are no mountains near you ? A whitewater course or stadium can be built.

27 years of experience

Following preliminary tests under extreme conditions (in the tailrace canal of a hydro-electric plant at altitude) in 1991, the first tidal-powered whitewater stadium was officially commissioned in the French town of Lannion in 1992.

Since 1992, not a single Omniflots® obstacle has had to be replaced in this whitewater stadium that makes use of a mixture of sea water and fresh water and is subject to river floods !

Underpinned by its experience and reputation in this sector, Hydrostadium has built three Olympic whitewater stadiums (Beijing, Athens and Sydney) and its installations can be found on every continent.

Whitewater designer

Hydrostadium designs your whitewater course in coordination with your teams. Thanks to its expertise and the know-how of its engineers, Hydrostadium can create a course that is based on your needs and constraints.

A whitewater course is created in a natural water course that can be developed.

In contrast, a whitewater stadium is built out of concrete and can be located anywhere, which is an advantage.

Hydrostadium can offer you real support, from preliminary research to design, and, in the case of very specific circumstances, validate the course using a physical model. Hydrostadium has a hydraulic laboratory that lets it carry out physical tests on different scales.

See examples of our whitewater stadiums and courses.