Hydraulic physical model

The advantages of a hydraulic physical model in the digital era

The hydraulic physical model : a tool that supports our expertise...

Since the company was established, Hydrostadium has always used hydraulic physical models to confirm and consolidate its theoretical research. Both for the development of whitewater stadiums and their innovative mobile obstacles (technology used on three occasions for the Olympic Games) and for the design of industrial hydro-electric installations, hydraulic physical models have been and remain a mandatory step in the study of certain hydraulic phenomena that are too complex to be described and quantified using analytical or digital methods.

Modelling a section of an installation or a complete installation using the similarities method lets us design the installation while also confirming, testing and optimising a theoretical design created by our engineers. The hydraulic physical model also lets us reproduce an existing installation in order to understand, analyse and measure phenomena found on the site, and correct and improve the working of these structures at a cost and within a period of time that can be justified.

...to go beyond a single project

The hydraulic physical model laboratory is a formidable development tool whose test results directly benefit research projects. Furthermore, they allow Hydrostadium to build and expand, over time, a technical reference system and compile methodological guides that are based on successive feedback. The hydraulic laboratory is also a powerful tool that contributes to the development of the company's R&D and that of its clients.

In addition to the decision-support role played by the laboratory and the hydraulic physical models, the study deliverables, whether graphic, photographic or video-based, constitute veritable communication tools and pedagogical resources both within and outside the company.

Do you have a construction, structure modification or prototyping project or an experiment that can only be carried out with a hydraulic physical model ? Our team of hydraulic engineers in charge of the hydraulic laboratory is here to listen to your needs and help you consider your development options.

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