Technical platform for relief workers

Fire brigade training facility

Flooding in urban areas has become an increasingly frequent phenomenon. It is characterised by :

  • High flow-velocity rates,
  • A cluttered urban environment,
  • Pitfalls to be avoided.

However, training on artificial rivers does not reproduce the specific characteristics of an urban environment and is therefore unsuitable. In response to this situation, we have created a modular technical platform that is specially designed for this type of intervention.

Modular technical platform

This technical platform is used to train firemen and other relief workers to move about safely and assist people in difficulty.

To fulfil its role, the platform has to reproduce the type of risks inherent to a water course, such as: sharp river bends, rappelling, logjams, siphons and/or the absence of a riverbank.

Like training held in a burning house, the technical platform can reproduce the most delicate situations while ensuring the training course remains safe, including :

  • Several road crossings (with street furniture, pavements, etc.),
  • Realistic flow velocity rates (gradients of 1% to 4%),
  • A modular course,
  • Use of water in a closed system.

The technical platform is easy to adjust to increase the number of scenarios and simulations. It is therefore important to ensure the modules are easy to handle and can be lifted and carried by one or two people.


The technical platform comprises :

  • Pumping station: 8 m3/sec
  • River structure with a 30 x 30 m pool
  • Head drop of up to 2,50 m
  • Urban obstacles
  • Drainage hatch and other safety devices

There is a ‘Fire and Ambulance Services Academy’ technical platform in Hong Kong. It is equipped with our mobile obstacles, Omniflots®. Millau stadium is also used by the fire brigade for torrent rescue exercises.