Omniflots® mobile obstacles for our whitewater stadiums

Comparable to riprap on the bed of a natural river, Omniflots® mobile obstacles serve to vary the movement of water in a whitewater stadium in light of the type of user expected (tourists, school children or competitors).

Today, it is the most flexible solution in use to quickly alter the rafting difficulty of a whitewater river and thereby adapt it to the requirements of users.


Water movements are created by assembling polyethylene parts of different heights on the riverbed. Omniflots® mobile obstacles are simply positioned on a frame known as an ‘insert’.

Today, Omniflots® mobile obstacles can be used in two ways :

Inserts I or II and obstacles

Inserts III (which replace the smallest obstacle) with or without additional obstacles

Omniflots® III mobile obstacles

Several sizes for different variations :

  • Available in four different heights to multiply the types of variation and in a wide range of colours (optional five heights)
  • The space between the Omniflots® mobile obstacles can be altered to manage the current's flow rate better

Designed to protect users :

  • Hexagonal shape to avoid any space between the Omniflots® mobile obstacles
  • Each edge is rounded to ensure the safety of users
  • Moulded in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the envelope remains soft in order to absorb shock

Designed to be light and transportable :

  • Omniflots® mobile obstacles comprise integrated handles and are not weighted
  • Simple and sustainable mounting system (a single movement) in a wet environment
  • The positioning of Omniflots® III mobile obstacles is easy to change
  • HDPE envelope
  • Soft material that offers substantial chemical and mechanical strength

Inserts I and II

Inserts I and II are compatible with Omniflots® mobile obstacles.

Insert I :

The inserts are built into tailor-made concrete plates. The concrete plate is then secured to the riverbed to stop it from sliding under the force of the water. Insert I is used when the water carries suspended solids (sand). The concrete plates clean themselves.

Insert II :

  • Provides flexibility in terms of the configuration of artificial riverbeds
  • Improves the solution's aesthetic appearance
  • Enables the movement of water on the bottom of the river to be altered

The inserts are installed in clusters on the riverbed in order to recreate the movement of water on the bottom of natural rivers. This hydraulic parameter greatly reduces the number of Omniflots® mobile obstacles necessary to recreate the movement of surface water. The costs attributable to the river are thereby reduced.